The tablet, the children, and their rest

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That we currently live in a digital society is obvious, however this does not mean that we have to be stuck to the screen of a mobile device for much of the day.

Although we have to be up to date at all times, it is essential to make good use of the devices around us.

Today we are going to talk about the youngest, the children, it is important to know that the use of mobile phones or tablets by children before bed, reduces and delays the onset of sleep of these.

Therefore, if you want it to be fried in the blink of an eye, but above all have a good rest, no playing with the tablet or mobile when you’re about to go to bed.


The use of this type of apparatus produces an alteration in the cycle of the dream due to its light and in this case in the children’s rest. The new technologies have incorporated last generation screens and these can emit a blue light that when perceiving it, modifies the circadian rhythm with the inhibition of the hormone of the dream or melatonina, consequently, the quality of the rest is reduced in a notable way, as much in the smallest as in adults.

While children are in the developmental stage, the sleep cycle will be the one that measures the quality of their rest and growth, as the growth hormone reaches its maximum level of segregation.

With the passage of time we have stopped wanting to go down the street with a ball or comb our favorite doll, to want to be youtubers or influencers, excellent professions with a great present and future, but needing the use of devices such as tablets, mobiles, computers, etc.

So, as we said before, children should know how and when to use them.

Also, due to the daily hustle and bustle, some parents may see on a tablet the perfect babysitter that allows them to take a breath at the end of the day, fortunately or unfortunately, this is not so. However, the reality is that it can lead to problems associated with sleep.

At Naturalia & Poligón we care about the rest and health of the youngest children in the house, having a restorative rest during the infantile stage helps the physical and mental development of the children, besides being able to sleep in the best mattress for him or her.


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