The pillow, our dream colleague

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Probably, the pillow is one of the objects that we spend the most time sticking to during our life without realizing it, since every night we go to the appointment ūüėÄ

Did you know that the term pillow is of Arabic origin, its literal translation is “cheek”, and in this case it derived in “where the cheek rests”, something that we all do when we sleep with it.

Is there a perfect pillow in the market?

The question is not which is the best pillow, but which pillow is the one that best adapts to our way of sleeping and allows us to have a correct posture.

In such a way that when we are lying down we do not have any type of muscular rigidity between the neck and the back.

In the market we can find different types of pillows, latex, viscoelastic, fiber, gel, cervical, feathers.

Discover our catalogue:

Green Planet: Viscoelastic made with vegetable oils, which produces a relief of pressure. It has a Thermofress Bamboo¬ģ summer face that eliminates excess humidity and also regulates temperature.

Thermoswiss¬ģ: Viscoelastic core made up of holes that allow the air to be properly channelled. It has a Velour cotton cover. Summer face Thermofress¬ģ Bamboo, regulates the temperature and eliminates excess humidity.

Memory Cool Sensitive: High density viscoelastic, which avoids the sensation of gravity. It has a Strech Cool Sensitive outer fabric that regulates temperature and provides coolness in the hottest months.

Ergovisco: Composed of a viscoelastic core and medium density. Its outer cover has a perforated microfiber zipper.

Confort L√°tex: Made with 100% latex, ergonomic material and very elastic. Perfect oxygenation, temperature and humidity regulation thanks to its holes.

Aura: Made with viscoelastic particles and 100% silicone hollow fiber, it is breathable and hypoallergenic.

Edén: 100% silicone pillow, breathable, isothermal and hypoallergenic. It offers a soft welcome and a high degree of recovery. It also has an elegant trimmed cotton cover.

Miracle: 100% hollow fibre. Breathable and hypoallergenic.

Cervical Memory Cool Sensitive: Viscoelastic core, created with an ergonomic shape to alleviate possible cervical or neck problems.

Thermofress¬ģ: Cot pillow with 100% thermofixed fibre, breathable and hypoallergenic. It has an outer cotton cover and an inner three-dimensional fabric, regulating the temperature and eliminating excess humidity.

Airfill: Low cot pillow ideal for baby. Made of 100% polyester silicone hollow fiber. Breathable and hypoallergenic.

Memory Viaje: Thought to have a better rest when we travel. Its nucleus is viscoelastic that produces a relief of the pressure.

As mentioned above, there are different types of pillow, which one best suits you? ūüėČ


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