The meaning of dreams

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Today in our blog we are going to talk about something very interesting that we experience every day, dreaming, concretely the meaning of dreams.

You probably don’t remember that you dreamed last night, or maybe you did, in that case you might be thinking about the dream since you got out of bed.

We are curious to know the meaning of the dreams we had the night before, in many occasions the dreams are so real that we wake up with astonished face, if so, it is because our subconscious wants to tell us something.

Dreams tell us much more than we think, however there is no dictionary of dreams, as each of us are different, and dream of signs concerning our own lives.

Nevertheless, the meaning of dreams is curious and we explain some of them below.

Have you ever dreamed of…?

An animal that chases you: Surely we go through a period of stress or worries, is a dream that can end up being very frightening. In addition, it can have different connotations.

For example, if we are chased by an animal and we manage to escape, this means that we may be going through bad times but we are going to end up freeing ourselves from them.

Food: We may be on some kind of diet or trying to lose weight. For this very reason, food has become an obsession for us.

Also, if we sleep a little hungry because we haven’t eaten enough, our subconscious betrays us and therefore we dream of food.

Car: Dreaming of driving a car, and no, we are not talking about driving our favorite car, but any car. In this case, we can interpret that we have control of our life and we go where we want to go.

In the same way that we have spoken before with the animals, there can be numerous situations driving a car in dreams, as for example driving on a road with many curves, this means that we are encountering more obstacles than expected to reach our goals.

Canyon: It is a very common dream to be in a canyon about to fall. It sounds dangerous but we are usually aware of it, that is to say, we realize what is happening but we are afraid of losing control or at the same time we doubt what decision to make regarding some important topic of our life.

Flowers: In general, it has a meaning of joy and love, the dream tells us in our ears that we are living moments of happiness right now.

Teeth: Surely on some occasion we have woken up glued to the pillow and taking the hand to the mouth or teeth. A very typical dream in people is that our teeth fall out. The dream shows us a certain insecurity in ourselves, we are afraid of how others see us or our appearance.

Likewise, and since we talk about insecurity, a dream in which we can also see reflected is that of being naked in public.

Hair: The meaning of having a dream in which we feel that we are going bald, is a lack of self-esteem or certain fears that we have to age.

Flying: Probably more than one night we have put on the Superman cape, if we have done so it is that we enjoy a sense of freedom.

As we have already said, we are not all the same and we live in different moments, that is why we can interpret the meaning of dreams in different ways.

And you…do you remember the last thing you dreamed? 🙂 🙂


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