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Have you ever spoken during the dream?

Somniloquy is a parasomnia referred to speaking aloud during sleep.

Generally they are short phrases or loose words, unconnected, meaningless and difficult to understand, we can even have long speeches while laughing, shouting, etc.

It occurs in approximately one in seven children, in that case, somniloquy is related to daily emotions. Nervousness or anxiety, such as when the child starts nursery school or school, are causes. If a sibling sleeps together, he or she may be awakened, but it is very difficult for the same child to wake up.

On the other hand, 5% of adults talk asleep, and compared to children, emotions during sleep are more intense.

What are the causes?

There are different reasons why this type of episodes occur, some of them are:

  • Stress: The brain is active while we sleep even though we think it is at rest, and if we face moments of anxiety this type of attitude can occur.
  • Fever: Having a high temperature, we can damage an organ such as our brain, generating nightmares that translate into meaningless words.
  • Excess alcohol: Like tobacco and coffee, alcohol can produce dialogues in the early stages of sleep.
  • Medicines: In the case of taking some type of medicine, this can alter the sleep phase and make us talk.


Sleepiness usually doesn’t need treatment, but if it occurs over a long period of time, a professional should be consulted, as there may be an underlying medical explanation, such as a sleep disorder or anxiety.

And you… do you usually talk during sleep?

If so, do not worry, talking while asleep is very common and tends to be harmless, sometimes even a little funny for those who listen to ?, but if you do not alter his rest Emoticon Facebook dormir.


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