How to prolong the life of the mattress?

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We all like the things we buy to last as long as possible, but sometimes due to lack of time, vagrancy, laziness, even ignorance, we do not make them, but we would like to prolong the useful life of the mattress.

Here are some simple recommendations to keep the mattress clean:


The alarm clock, that roommate we don’t give a good face to every morning and warns us that it’s time to get out of bed, often accelerated by calculating the time we need to get to work.

But, in the same way that we know the time we have to get out of the house, we can also calculate the time it takes us to open the bedroom window and thus ventilate it, discovering the mattress or removing the duvet and sheets.

In addition, if we dawn with a splendid day we can use the sun as an anti-dustmite system, the sun itself does not kill dust mites, but the heat does. Therefore, sunlight can eliminate the insects that live inside our mattress.

If we share a bed with dust mites, not only are they harmful to our rest, but they can also aggravate possible allergies.

We must know that once the dust mites die, they adhere to the bed, it is convenient to vacuum the mattress and thus it is free of insects.

If you ask your mattress if it accepts mites as pets, what do you think its answer will be?


It is recommended to clean the mattress regularly with the help of a vacuum cleaner, in addition, if it has a brush prepared for upholstery, we should use it.

Always vacuum directly on the mattress, ie removing sheets, duvets, bedspreads, blankets, etc. In this way, we manage to eliminate the accumulated dust and avoid the proliferation of mites.

If we do not have all the time we would like to be able to do so, it is convenient to look for a few minutes each week and the mattress will thank us with a better rest.


Do you begin to notice certain smells on your mattress?

It is normal, with the passage of time begin to accumulate odors that are not pleasant at all, may be solids or liquids that have been absorbed but leave their mark inside.

To remove the odors, it is recommended to clean the mattress with soap and water, once it is dry, spread baking soda with a brush on it, leaving a few minutes to act and then vacuum. Finally, let it dry and ventilate.

Sodium bicarbonate eliminates bad smells, bacteria, humidity and mainly mites. A good solution to get a hygienic mattress to facilitate our rest.


Something very simple but that we may do by mistake, is to cut or remove the label from the mattress. The label can help us both to use it as a guarantee and to read the washing instructions.

Turn it upside down

Many times we will have heard that it is good to turn or turn the mattress.

But why should we?

Mattress manufacturers recommend that turns be more frequent during the first year of use. Change the head to the feet and vice versa, as well as change the face of the mattress if it is 2-sided. In this way, we distribute the wear over its entire surface and thus extend the life of the mattress.

Mattresses are composed of a core and different layers of different materials. We can find viscoelastic mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, etc. Each of these materials acts in a different way as its compaction process.

We have seen simple recommendations that we can all carry out at home, both for the care of the mattresses and for our own good.

Finally, we remember that the Spanish Association of the Bed (ASOCAMA) recommends changing mattresses after 10 years, as none of them keep their original qualities after a decade.

And now we ask you, when was the last time you put into practice any of these recommendations?

It’s never too late…because resting well, you will live better 😊


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