Do you sleep with your feet uncovered?

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Maybe it’s something you do frequently or daily when you’re in bed, important, we’re not talking about sleeping with your feet suspended outside the mattress, something that would make your feet not rest, but to have them uncovered on the mattress of the bed.

Do you sleep better with your feet off the bed sheet or duvet?
The answer lies in the temperature of our body, throughout the day is maintained at an average temperature of 36 º – 37 º approximately, during the day the temperature of the environment varies and with it also ours, but at night can fall to 2 º during sleep, this decrease is part of the process of falling asleep, ie, if the drop in temperature is fast, before we will be fried.

Why the feet?
The feet and hands are the parts of the body that best help us expel heat, as they have blood vessels that serve to dissipate it, in addition, are the most efficient heat exchangers because they do not have hair, therefore are not as isolated as other areas of our body. Then, if for example we take one foot out of the sheets and it is uncovered, the heat will dissipate quickly and we will start to get sleepy.

Now you will be thinking…that there are people who get into bed under their soft Nordic socks with socks on…why? mainly because there has been no change in temperature, his brain has not cooled and his feet have not managed to have the ideal temperature. The colder people prefer to sleep with socks because it helps them to fall asleep first. Experts say that socks have a neurological effect and specifically the protagonist is the heat sensitive neuron, the latter accelerates when you notice a significant difference in temperature between the feet and other areas of the body.

Taking your foot off the sheet…one of those pleasures of life 🙂


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