Pockets spring mattresses

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There is a great variety of types of mattresses such as HR foam mattress, latex mattress, viscoelastic mattress, bonnell spring mattress and pocket spring mattress, we will focus on the latter.

At Naturalia & Poligón we call them tecnosac spring mattresses.

What does a baggy spring mattress look like?

We are talking about hundreds of springs individually bagged in textile sachets that provide great stability and ergonomics, are compressed in such a way that a greater density is achieved, as well as adapting independently to different parts of the body.

The core of the mattress is totally breathable as the air circulates through and between the different springs providing a more restful sleep.

Also, the core of the pocket-spring mattress gives us freedom of movement, this means that we do not interrupt the rest of the person who sleeps next to us. The springs only act in the zone of contact with the body and not in the whole mattress favoring the independence of beds.

It is an ideal mattress for double beds with two people, due to the difference in weight of the same.

If we talk about health, our spine will thank us, as it favors correct alignment and a reduction in pressure.

Generally, when pocket spring mattresses are manufactured, different materials are usually included on top of the core, viscoelastic layers, HR foam (high resilience), etc. without all of them having a high thickness.

To summarize, we want to name some of the benefits provided by a mattress of these characteristics, greater density, great stability, transpiration, ergonomics, independent beds and have a correct alignment of the spine while lying down.

Discover our spring mattresses bagged with Tecnosac Technology here, models such as Infinity, Nova, Hydra and Vital. Each of them is made with high quality materials designed to get the best rest.


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