Mattress Types

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In Naturalia & Poligón we manufacture different mattress types, a large part of our life is spent sleeping, for this reason it is very important to have a good rest, but each one of us are different just like our body. To taste the colors and the mattresses 🙂

Mattress types you can find in Naturalia & Poligón:

Tecnosac springs: Also known as pocket spring mattresses, they have a block of steel springs packed one by one in sachets and tablets to offer a greater density. A tecnosac spring mattress adapts perfectly to different parts of the body thanks to its stability and ergonomics.

If you sleep accompanied, this mattress offers freedom of movement without affecting the rest of the other person, as well as promoting a correct posture of the spine and pressure reduction.

The Tecnosac nucleus achieves permanent oxygenation as the air circulates freely between its different springs, achieving a better rest.

Viscoelastic: The core of the mattress is viscoelastic with open cell thermosensitive material, adjusts in an unbeatable way to the body increasing the support surface and decreasing the pressure points, all this facilitates blood circulation.

First, viscoelastic mattresses were designed for people who spent long periods of time in bed, then implanted in homes to offer a good rest to all.

Látex: Natural material and very breathable, if we lie on a latex mattress we will notice a great comfort because it adapts to the contour of the body as with a viscoelastic mattress. It is an ideal type of mattress for those who do not support hard mattresses and prefer a soft reception.

It has a soft touch and great resistance to sinking as it undergoes a process of vulcanization.

The latex core has an open cellular structure, this way the mattress is permanently ventilated. Naturalia & Poligón mattresses are 100% latex and are certified in compliance with European Eurolátex standards.

Bonnell springs: This system of bonnell spring mattresses is the most classic and most used worldwide. They are steel springs treated at 300 degrees Celsius, which offer high strength, cushioning and firmness.

A bonnell spring mattress has a constant transpiration because the air circulates permanently inside.

New Generation: Among all the types of Naturalia & Poligón mattresses, those of the new generation stand out for an innovation applied to rest thanks to different versatile materials with great adaptability and high resistance to deformation.

Its elaboration is a fusion of thermosensitive viscoelastic and technical foams or polyurethanes of high resilience. The body maintains its natural curvature thanks to a correct adaptation, as well as avoiding pressure points on it.

And now…Which do you think is the ideal mattress for you? 🙂 🙂


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