Infinity Pocket Spring Mattress

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Infinity Pocket Spring Mattress

The Infinity pocket spring mattress has been manufactured with a block of steel springs that offers great robustness and flexibility adapting to different parts of our body.

The Tecnosac Titanium Technology spring block consists of small individually compressed textile sachets.

It is a very ergonomic and breathable mattress. In addition, if we sleep together, the Infinity baggy spring mattress guarantees an independent rest independent of beds.

Also, our rest is important at any time of year, so the mattress has been designed with two options for rest, both for winter and summer.


  • Fabric Luxe: Fabric of great elasticity that favors the ergonomic adaptation with natural viscose.
  • Airfill: Breathable and hypoallergenic thermofixed fibre.
  • Viscotermic®: Last generation viscoelastic with PCM nanoparticles with phase change.
  • Hypersoft: Open cell material. Provides a great reception and power the ergonomic characteristics of the viscoelastic.
  • Politex: Double polyurethane sheet that improves adaptation and firmness to the padding.
  • Biocell: Biocell sheet, is a material formed by thousands of air bubbles communicated with each other. They provide firmness and flexibility.
  • Thermofress®Bamboo: Three-dimensional fabric made from bamboo. It creates an air chamber between the body and the mattress by regulating the temperature.
  • Aeration valves: Facilitates perspiration and oxygenation of the mattress.
  • Tecnosac Titanium Technology Springs: Block of springs with titanium alloy that are compressed to obtain a greater density, individually packed in textile bags.
  • Contour fairing: Polyurethane plates around the mattress. It provides a great firmness and stability in its perimeter.
  • Ergonomic: Great adaptability of materials, maintains the body with its natural curvature.
  • Antistatic: High production of negative ions that eliminate static electric charges and contribute to a more restful rest.
  • Improves circulation: The relief of the pressure on the body produced by the viscoelastic helps to improve blood circulation.
  • Independent rest: The materials of the Infinity mattress react independently before each of the different weights it supports.
  • Reversible: Mattress with two rest options, winter and summer.
  • Anti-dust mites: Helps to repel dust mites.


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