How long have we slept in our lives?

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The hands of the clock can be stopped if we want, however, the passage of time is inevitable. We dedicate more hours to certain activities or tasks than to others, but… do we know how much time we spend asleep in our lives?

Life expectancy in Spain is 82.9 years on average and it is common for a person to sleep an average of 8 hours a day.

If we take these data as a reference to know the time we spend sleeping, we get a truly surprising figure, nothing more and nothing less than almost 28 years, that is, a third in the calculation of our life, or what is the same, a quarter of a century we spend ironing the ear.

For some it can be a waste of time and for others a pleasure, for tastes the colors, what is clear is that the importance of resting on a good mattress is no nonsense, like renewing our mattress every 10 years as recommended by the Spanish Association of the Bed (ASOCAMA).

After seeing the previous data, more than one will think “why do I sleep on a mattress like this?”, “I am ashamed that they see it”, “I could have asked the Three Kings for a latex or viscoelastic mattress instead of a last generation drone”, “I think it is time to change mattress”.

We have to be clear that resting on a quality mattress is essential, because the better the mattress, the better our rest and health is going to be.

If we compare the time we spend sleeping with other types of occupations, we can see that having a good rest while sleeping is placed in second place after “standing” or in front of “sitting”.

Once we’ve talked about the importance of mattresses in our homes and the company we’ve been asked over the years, the question could be…can buying a mattress be added to your list of New Year’s resolutions?

Have a good rest for 2019!


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