A good rest at Christmas

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We are in the middle of the Christmas period, dates in which it is very easy to fall into excesses, lunch here, dinner there, cane with friends, tobacco, shopping while we see the Christmas lights and notice the cold of winter, in short, a change in daily routine translated into stress, which significantly affects our rest..

This festivity can like more or less, but what is undeniable is that it is characterized by a change of habits and routines for all. As the days go by we notice that our body deserves a good rest at Christmas, the holidays are uphill, and, in someone with sleep problems, can have negative effects on health.

It is difficult to maintain the routine of the rest of the year, but we must try to make the sleep schedules are more or less the same, in the case of altering them that are not on consecutive days as far as possible.

Especially with the youngest, it is not advisable to go to bed very late at this time or wake up early in the morning, although it is true that we have all been children and there are certain days when it is difficult to sleep thinking that they will enter the house with a bag of gifts.

To try not to be…here are some simple tips:

  • Heating:Yes, we are in winter and it is freezing cold, but we must avoid an excessive use of it. As we talked about in another post, the recommended temperature in a bedroom is between 18 and 20 degrees.
  • Family and friends: It’s time to enjoy our loved ones, let’s give a little respite to smartphone, tablet, social networks, email, television, even candy, yes, we are not going to run out of screens in the candy crush.
  • A hot shower or bath before going to sleep is a good option to go to bed relaxed.
  • Do not forget the physical exercise during Christmas, even if it is not as long as usual, try to practice it and so that our body is activated and release tensions, getting a restful sleep.
  • Sounds: If we like to take a nap and fall asleep on the sofa watching Macaulay Culkin do his, we must know that we have to rest without any noise around us. In addition to silencing the mobile avoiding possible unexpected sounds.

These are some important aspects to keep in mind to get a good rest at Christmas, yes, without forgetting to enjoy ours 🙂


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