Latex mattresses

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Among the different types of mattresses that exist in the market, one of them are latex mattress.

There are two types of latex, natural and synthetic. When we talk about natural latex we are referring to the sap extracted from the rubber tree, and if we talk about synthetic latex mattress, they are generally made of 20% natural latex and 80% synthetic latex.

In addition, synthetic latex is often referred to as 100% latex.

Latex mattress is characterized by a very soft touch and offer great resistance to sinking due to vulcanization, part of the production process of foam latex.

Latex is a natural material and at the same time very breathable, therefore, if we have latex mattresses in our home, we will enjoy great comfort because they adapt to our body as happens with viscoelastic mattresses.

They are ideal for those people who do not resist sleeping on hard mattresses, prefer a softer reception and sleep without noticing pressure points on the body.

The core of a latex mattress has an open cellular structure, thanks to this the mattress has a continuous ventilation.

All latex mattresses manufactured by Naturalia & Poligón are Eurolátex certified and comply with European standards.

Discover our catalogue of latex mattress:

  • Grand Standing of natural latex.
  • Synthetic latex Versus (20% natural latex, 80% synthetic latex, 100% latex).
  • Synthetic latex Brisa (20% natural latex, 80% synthetic latex, 100% latex).


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