Mattress base

The mattress base or articulated bed were developed for the hospital environment, then came to homes to adapt the bed and mattress to our welfare thanks to its motorized joint.

What is a mattress base?

As we all know, it can be said that it is a support on which the mattress is placed. The word somier comes from the French, in its origin it referred to animal of load and has ended up becoming an important piece of bed.

In the market there are different types of bedsteads, some with a wooden or metal frame on which several sheets of various materials are attached.

Some bedsteads have wooden slats, which are generally beech or poplar. Also, we can find other bedsteads with sheets of fiberglass. The firmness varies depending on the number and width of sheets.

Why place a mattress base on the bed?

The main benefits of a bed base are:

  • It allows the mattress to be isolated from the humidity, dirt and cold of the floor.
  • Get a better support being an ideal complement to any mattress, increasing the stability of it and ensuring a restorative.
  • Mattresses keep much better during their useful life if they have a bed base as a companion.

Which mattress base to choose?

  • One of the most important elements of the mattress base is the frame, which holds the whole structure and we can find them in metal or wood, the latter being the most resistant.
  • Many people decide to buy a slat base because they have health problems, particularly back problems. In these cases it is necessary to consult with the specialist to know the ideal firmness and hardness of the mattress together with the slat base.
  • As we have already said, bed bases have different types of sheets, a good choice will help us have a better rest. Generally beech slats are used more, thanks to a correct combination between elasticity and durability. We also have metal sheets but they give us less comfort and resistance.
  • We should not only pay attention to the materials of the slatted bed bases, but also take into account the thickness and number of slats.

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