¡New mattress launch!

The reason for this is that we have manufactured a new high-performance mattress, the Hydra model. It has a core of pocket springs and viscoelastic padding with a soft comfort point.


1.High Relief Stretch Fabric: High grammage and high elasticity Stretch fabric, which favours ergonomic adaptation to natural viscose.
2.Viscosity Plus: Viscoelastic open cell material. It adapts to the body by creating a mold of it, avoiding pressure points and helping to prevent bedsores.
3.Hipersoft: Open cell material. It provides a great welcome and enhances the ergonomic characteristics of the viscoelastic.
4.Politex: Double polyurethane plate that improves the adaptation and the firmness to the padding.
5.Biocell Soft: Soft biocell sheet, a material made up of thousands of air bubbles connected to each other. They provide maximum fit and flexibility.
6.Viscotermic: Latest generation Viscoelastic with nanoparticles of PCM with phase change.
7.Thermofress Bamboo: Three-dimensional fabric made of bamboo. It creates an air chamber between the body and the mattress, regulating the temperature.
8.Ventilation valves: They facilitate the transpiration and oxygenation of the mattress.
8.Tecnosac technology: Block of compressed tempered steel springs for greater density, packed one by one in textile bags. Five rest areas.
10.Contour fairing: Polyurethane plates around the entire contour of the mattress. Provides firmness and stability in the perimeter of the mattress.

Independent rest: The mattress materials react independently to each of the different weights they support.
Ergonomic: Great adaptability of the materials, maintains the body with its natural curvature.
Reversible mattress: Mattress with two options of rest, winter and summer.
Improves circulation: The relief of pressure on the body produced by viscoelastic helps to improve blood circulation.
Anti-dustmite: Helps repel dust mites.

Don’t wait and discover the Hydra model promotion until October inclusive or sell out.